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NORTHWESTERN NOW: An exploration of how film and TV portray mental health
“New symposium brings industry leaders and scholars to Northwestern for three-day event…” Read more
CMC: Mental Health and Film/TV Despictions

“Filmmaker and professor of radio, television, and film at Northwestern University David E. Tolchinsky P’20 visited the Athenaeum on April 11, inviting CMC students to engage in thoughtful dialogue about how mental health is depicted in film and television.”… Read more

NORTHWESTERN NOW: Beyond ‘Dahmer:’ Is it enough to accurately depict mental health in TV and film?

If the goal is to normalize conditions, “you should know accurate depictions alone do not necessarily lead to the kind of positive change you may desire”… Read more

NORTHWESTERN NOW: Turning Pain Into Art 

“Northwestern alumna Alex Heller spotlights mental illness in her first award winning feature film ‘The Year Between’…” Read more

VARIETY: Northwestern’s Film Program Shines Light on Mental Health With Student Work

“Northwestern University is playing a key role in bringing mental health stories to the world of film and TV….” Read more

PSYCHIATRIC TIMES: New Northwestern Student Studio Lab Focuses on Mental Health Portrayals in Media

“The new Studio Lab at Northwestern University School of Communication aims to fight stigma by providing positive depictions of mental health in media….” Read more

DAILY NORTHWESTERN: School of Communication launches new student film incubator focused on mental health

“The Pritzker Pucker Studio Lab for the Promotion of Mental Health via Cinematic Arts will provide students with three quarters of instruction focused on mental health representation in media…” Read more