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2023 Fellows’ Film and Photography Exhibit

Thursday, February 1st

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6:15 PM Annie May Swift Hall – Reception

1920 Campus Dr, Evanston IL 60201, click here for Northwestern campus map

7:00 PM Annie May Swift Hall Auditorium

Please join us as we unveil new film and photo projects created by the Pritzker Pucker Studio Lab’s 2023 Cohort! Touching on complex and serious topics ranging from panic attacks to family dynamics, these talented emerging artists use creative storytelling to present nuanced narratives about mental health. In addition to the six short films in the line-up, audience members will also be able to view Adelaide Young’s photo project Seated Woman With Bird, which is an imaginative restaging of British psychiatrist Hugh Diamond’s image Seated Woman with Bird. While a leader of the moral treatment movement, Diamond’s image was based on the now disproven theory of physiognomy: the idea that a person’s mental state can be discerned by examining external non-verbal features.

Films include Briana Lim’s The Oboist Manifesto, which focuses on an oboist wrestling with loving her craft when confronted with grief and unattainable standards of perfectionism. Highlighting family dynamics, Kailey Morand’s Hadley’s Home follows 9-year-old Emma, whose big sister Hadley returns home from the hospital after a suicide attempt. In J.G. Singhal’s Out of the Woods, a young man returns to where he used to camp with his ex-boyfriend to find some closure after a messy separation. Directed by Johnaé Strong and Obed Lamy, We Have Nothing To Lose takes us to a city on fire at the outset of a tragic police murder, where three members of a black radical group decide enough is enough. The question of “Whose Streets?” will be answered on one fateful night. Befriending, directed by Lulu Tian and Briana Lim, follows Helen, who starts volunteering on a suicide helpline and realizes that she lacks the words to have difficult conversations not only with callers but also with her younger brother. What is it like to want to help but not know how to? In Jackson Weber and Adelaide Young’s Second Date, a sudden onset of panic threatens to derail a second date.

Program length approx. 90 min, followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers.

Free and open to the public. Free on-campus parking available after 4 PM in the open air lot.